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Mobile Donation Forms

Each fundraiser has a mobile donation form. These are short donation forms optimised for use when sharing on mobile, they only have mobile payments as an option (so only MobilePay(DK), Swish(SE) and Vipps(NO)). These can be used when the contact details on donors are less important.

The mobile donation form is mainly used for a unique QR code linking to this form. This makes it possible to promote the QR code in physical spaces, where donors can make a very quick donation using their mobile phones. Besides this, the mobile donation form is also promoted in an email (E#17) for sports fundraisers sent one day before the end date.

The form only asks for a mobile phone number and the name of the donor. They are made for high conversion rates rather than gathering a lot of information on donors.

The mobile donation forms can either be found on the internal page for each fundraiser or in any report of fundraising pages you can download from the data exporter.

Users cases

This mobile donation form is used in things like an email for sports fundraisers sent the day before their end date (E#17 in the email documentation), and are also included in your fundraiser export files.

We don’t push this form in any other communication (at the moment), as we will let you decide when you value donations over the quality of contact information.

Another popular use for these is to send them in an SMS to all participants on the race day of an event. This can be the encouragement needed to get participants to go the extra mile, and maybe even get donations from those who already have donated once.

They have also successfully been used by influencers in fundraising, where they help increase conversion when donors are less attached to the creator, and short forms can help increase conversions.