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QR Codes for fundraising pages

QR codes are images that, when scanned on a phone, take a person directly to a specific website. They are basically scannable links. Most modern phones can scan QR codes using their cameras, only requiring the person to simply hold the camera in front of a code for a short period and their phone will automatically take them to the website. 

Fundraisers can add their QR codes to to t-shirts, flyers and any other print materials. They can also be used by those more extroverted fundraisers to share their fundraising page with strangers on the train with their phone!

All fundraising pages have three different QR codes

 - One that links to the fundraising page
 - One that links to the mobile donation form
 - One that links to the ordinary donation form

Fundraising Page QR codes can be found two different ways.

  1. Fundraisers can add “/qr” to their Fundraising Page url. For example, if the fundraising page URL is https://fundraising.charityname.org/fundraisers/my-awesome-fundraiser, then the QR code is at https://fundraising.charityname.org/fundraisers/my-awesome-fundraiser/qr
  2. Alternatively fundraisers can find the QR code when logged in. They can find the QR code in sharing options under fundraising tools.

The QR codes can be downloaded as PNG images and saved on a mobile phone for later use, or printed and displayed somewhere.