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Live updating TV screen

This is a special view of the fundraising page made to fit TV screens in a 16:9 format. It live updates without the need to re-fresh the page and shows the last 6 donations (with names but without comments) together with the progress bar.

To access it, the fundraiser ( or you as an administrator) can find the link under fundraiser tools. Here, it is listed as a sharing option. The screen can also be found by simply adding "/screen" after any fundraising page URL.

The screen has besides the above-mentioned a QR code that links to the quickest way to donate. This code leads to either A) Vipps mobile donation form or MobilePay MyShop donations B) The mobile donation form C)The ordinary donation form. If A) is available this is the chosen QR code, else it will be B) and if no mobile donation options (Swish or MobilePay/Vipps through Clearhaus) is available at all, then it falls back to the ordinary donation form.

The magic of this feature lies in the ability of donors to see the screen, act on the encouragement and shortly after seeing their donation pop up on the screen.

This sharing option is intended for sharing the fundraisers and encouraging donations in offline contexts. This could e.g. be

  • Office canteens
  • Schools and libraries
  • Sports venues
  • Retail shops and malls 
  • Galla events
  • Private festive events


The screen is available in a standard light mode and a dark mode version.

Light version:

Dark version: