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Sponsored Fundraisers - how they work and are configured

Sponsored fundraisers can accept sponsorships in addition to donations. A sponsorship is when a person sponsors the fundraiser with a rate for each unit of activity the person registers.

For example, a sponsorship could be 0.5 € (the rate) per KM for 100 (the registered activity) KM biked (the unit), equalling a total donation of 50 €.

The unit of activity is most often either KM or laps that a person runs, bikes or swims. We also support number of obstacles cleared, meters climbed and days passed. We can add other options on request, so if your creativity is running wild, just let us know.

The rate of sponsorship is chosen by the sponsor. This can be something like 5 € per KM walked or 100 kr per day without alcohol.

How a sponsorship is made

Creating a sponsorship isn’t much different from making a donation. We still ask for credit card details* and all the usual contact information. But the sponsor will be picking a rate at which she will sponsor the fundraiser instead of a donation amount. And instead of charging the full amount immediately, we will save the card information and use this for charging the sponsored amount after the fundraiser has finished.

There will be a ceiling on how many units a fundraiser can register. This sponsor will be made aware of the maximum amount they can be charged.

A sponsorship confirmation is sent by email to the sponsor immediately after creating the sponsorship, and a donation receipt is sent after it is charged.

Note: Sponsorships are not possible with Swish, MobilePay or if you use OnlineFundraising as payment processor (for now).

Activity registration and charging the sponsorships

The activity (e.g. KM, Days etc) can be registered by either a charity administrator, a team leader, or the fundraiser themself.

As new activity is registered, we will update the total fundraised amount. This is an expected amount and can change after the sponsorships are charged, as payments may fail. The fundraiser will show both the total number of units registered and the total sponsored amount.

The sponsorships are charged on the charge date (at 12:40 CEST). This date is part of the configuration, and marks the end date of the fundraiser. After this date no new activity can be registered, and no new sponsorships can be made.

All sponsored fundraisers will receive an email in advance of the charge date, reminding them that they should remember to register any last KM.

If a payment fails, the sponsor will receive a notification together with a new form to update their payment details. This can be the case if a card has expired for example.

How to configure sponsored fundraisers

Sponsored fundraisers are configured at the project level. That means that all fundraisers for a project will have the same configuration.

It is only BetterNow who can enable and configure sponsored fundraisers for a project. Before contacting us, try to answer the following questions.

  • What should the unit be (Km, Miles Laps, Days etc.)?
  • What is the expected number of units a fundraiser will register?
  • What should the maximum number of units a fundraiser can register be?
  • What should be the minimum rate a sponsor can choose?
  • What should be the maximum rate a sponsor can choose?
  • What should the interval be between sponsorship rates? (must be divisible with both the minimum and maximum rate)
  • What should the charge date be?

Here is an example of a hypothetical configuration:

  • Unit: KM
  • Expected numbers of KM: 100
  • Max number of KM: 200
  • Max sponsorship: 4 €
  • Min sponsorship: 0.25€
  • Intervals: 0.25 between sponsorships rates
  • Charge date: 05-10-2023

A hypothetically sponsorship could be for 1.50 €, and if the fundraiser logged 110 km, the sponsor will be charged 165€ on the 5th of October 2023.

It is alway good to sanity check a configuration by calculating various end donations. In the above example, the minimum donation is going to be around 25€ - that could be too high depending on the target group. Remember that the fundraisers still accept regular donations, which can act as an alternative for donors who don’t like to sponsor fundraisers, or find the minimum rate too high.

Contact support to set a sponsored fundraiser up for a project.