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The Fundraiser Coach

The Fundraiser Coach is BetterNow's automated machine learning system that helps nudge your fundraisers to perform the most relevant actions at the right time to boost their fundraising results. NOTE: The Fundraiser Coach is only available for peer-to-peer fundraisers at this time. Support for In Memory fundraisers is under consideration.

The system uses our trove of data reaching back almost a decade and compares it to the current fundraiser on over 30 different datapoints such as if the fundraiser has donated themselves, if there is a good personalised description, if the fundraiser has thanked existing donors, how many emails we have sent them, and many more.

Based on this comparison, a list of suggestions is created, and we display the most relevant suggestion to the fundraiser in their Fundraiser Tools "dashboard", along with a button that takes them directly to a screen where they can perform the suggested action.

Suggestions are generated for the fundraiser one hour, two days, seven days, and 30 days after the fundraiser has been created. Fundraisers are notified by email about the new suggestions and can go directly from the email to a screen where they can perform the suggested action.

Following are the suggestion types that the system can create:

  • Add a profile image
  • Add an additional image or video
  • Write a longer description
  • Make your description more personal
  • Give a donation yourself
  • Thank your donors

As we continue to refine the system more suggestion types will be added to the list above.