Fundraiser Tools

Fundraisers have a separate "dashboard" for managing their fundraisers - we call it Fundraiser Tools. NOTE: Fundraiser Tools are only available for peer-to-peer fundraisers at this time. In Memory fundraisers can manage their fundraisers directly from the fundraiser page.

It includes the following features:

  1. A prominent progress chart, with an easy way to update the fundraiser goal as the fundraiser progresses.
  2. An expanded list of social sharing links, with more social networks, email, and even SMS and WhatsApp.
  3. Links to sharing options such a QR codes and the live updating TV screen.
  4. A section where we display suggestions from our Fundraiser Coach.
  5. A section where all donations are listed and the donors can be individually thanked, or all donors can be thanked at the same time with one message - perfect for influencers or fundraisers. The list of donations can also be filtered to only show the unanswered donations.

In addition the Fundraiser Tools brings with it a new fundraiser navigation bar that is shown on all pages relating to a single fundraiser.

It includes a button to either see the fundraiser or go to the fundraiser tools, as well as a link to edit the fundraiser and a drop-down menu of "more options" for less common tasks like joining or leaving a team, registering sponsored activity (sponsored fundraisers only) and closing or deleting a fundraiser.

The More Options menu also includes links for "My Fundraisers" and "My Teams", where users can find any other fundraisers and teams they are team leader of and/or member of.