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Donation thank you messages

Fundraiser can add a thank you messages to all donations for their fundraising page.

How to post a Thank You Message

Every time someone donates, the donation will pop up in the activity flow (see "Recent Activity") on the fundraising page, and the fundraiser will receive a notification via email.

Here a thank you message on each donation can be posted and it will be displayed on your fundraiser page below the donation. When the fundraiser posts a thank you message on the donation, the donor will be notified via email.



Deleting a Thank You Message

Fundraisers can delete their message - but only within five minutes after creation. There will be a "delete" message under the comment. This is basically an undo button for typos.

However, after 5 minutes, a notification about your message has already been sent out to the donor, and you can no longer delete it.