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Fundraiser Functionality

Fundraiser Tools
Fundraisers have a separate "dashboard" for managing their fundraisers - we call... more
The Fundraiser Coach
The Fundraiser Coach is BetterNow's automated machine learning system that helps... more
Donation thank you messages
Fundraiser can add a thank you messages to all donations for their fundraising p... more
Notification on new donations
Every time a fundraiser receives a new donation, the fundraiser can receive an e... more
Fundraiser Status Update
Fundraiser can update their donors and page visitors on their fundraising progre... more
Birthday and Anniversary Fundraisers
The feature is only available on standard and premium plans. This is our 'enhan... more
Sponsored Fundraisers - how they work and are configured
Sponsored fundraisers can accept sponsorships in addition to donations. A sponso... more
Edit the 'created by' field
You can edit the 'created by' field on your fundraiser, so it shows something di... more
Mobile Donations Forms
In your dashboard you might note that all fundraisers have a mobile donation for... more
QR Codes for fundraising pages
QR codes are images that, when scanned on a phone, take a person directly to a s... more
Streamlabs for Live Streaming
We offer the possibility to broadcast all donations from a fundraisers fundraisi... more