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Birthday and Anniversary Fundraisers

The feature is only available on standard and premium plans.

This is our 'enhanced' birthday and anniversary fundraiser option. They are made and designed to give a better experience for the fundraiser, hopefully resulting in repeat fundraisers and increased loyalty.

The two main differences from standard fundraisers are:

 - No end date, but instead the concept of a celebration date.

 - A much more relevant and targeted email flow.

The dates

Birthday and Anniversary Fundraisers don't have end-dates as other fundraiser types. Instead they have a celebration date. Birthday fundraisers are also asked for their birthdate.

The celebration date is an obligatory field on anniversary fundraisers. This fundraiser type is often used for weddings, christenings, examination parties and anniversaries, and here we want to know when the date for the event is. 

The birthdate field is obligatory on birthday fundraisers, and the celebration data is optional (as not every birthday comes with a party). If the celebration date field is filled, we use this as our 'end date'. If we only have the birthdate, we calculate the next birthday and use this as the 'end date'.



The fundraiser page

The fundraising page looks like standard fundraising pages, with the addition of a field showing either the celebration date or the next upcoming birthday.

The email flow

Birthday fundraisers still receive both welcome emails and an email when they reach 20%, 50% and 100% of their goal. But the usual inactivity email flow is removed and instead they have unique emails which are sent around the birthday/celebration date.For the central date which the email schedule is based on, we will use either the celebration date or the birthday if there is no separate celebration date.

The email flow is almost the same for both birthday and anniversary fundraisers, however the text differs. In all emails for anniversary type fundraisers we refer to the celebration date as 'the big day' while the birthday emails refer to 'the birthday'.

Overview of emails

ID Email Trigger Delay
BF#1.1 Welcome, intro Fundraiser Created Instant
BF#1.2 Self.donation encouragement (only if not given already) Fundraiser Created 1 day
BF#1.3 About the cause (only premium subscription) Fundraiser Created 2 day
BF#2 Tips and tricks Two week until B-day Instant
BF#3 Final tips and tricks 3 days until B-day Instant
BF#4 We hope you have a great day! B-day Instant
BF#5 Your results - a big thank you Two days after B-day Instant
BF#6 A great start 20% of goal Reached Instant
BF#7 Halfway! 50% of goal Reached Instant
BF#8 Goal reached! Goal Reached Instant
BF#9 A congratulation (only sent if celebration date is different from the celebration date) The 'Real' Birthday Instant


All of the emails are adjusted depending on progress. So email BF#5 will sound different for example depending on the actual results. A person who has reached 80% of their goal will get a different message than one who has reached 10% and this again differs from the person who never got started. Birthday fundraisers have one additional email, BF#9, which is sent on the person's real birthday in the cases where the celebration party is on a different date.