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Automated Fundraiser Emails / Stewardship Journey

Every time a new fundraiser is created, the user automatically receives a welcome email with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of their fundraising experience.

In addition, a number of triggered emails will be sent out. This can be everything from how to optimise your fundraising page, to a congratulations email for reaching a goal, or a reminder that no donations have been coming in for a while. See the complete list below.

If you wish to know the details of the automation or see the texts, contact us for the full documentation support@betternow.org.

Customisation of the email journey

If you are on the Branded Plan, you can customise all these emails and change the content according to your own wishes.

You can furthermore request pricing on completely custom email automation for e.f specific campaigns.

Overview of emails

ID Email Trigger Delay
E#0.1 Set password Fundraiser Created through API/Zapiert Instant
E#1 Welcome Fundraiser Created Instant
E#1.1 Set password Fundraiser Created after fundraiser invitation Instant
E#2 Fundraiser Invitaition Invitation sent Instant
E#3.1-E#3.3 No donation at all Fundraiser created 5, 10, 20 days after
E#4.1-E#4.3 No donation for 10+ days Donation received 10, 20 30 days after
E#6 Fundraiser Coach ML recommendation generated Instant
E#5 20% reached 20% of goal Reached Instant
E#12 50% reached 50% of goal Reached Instant
E#13 100% reached Goal Reached Instant
E#8 7 days to end date, less than 50% reached 7 days to end date Instant
E#9 7 days to end date, more than 50% reached 7 days to end date Instant
E#17 Final sprint (only sports fundraisers) The day before the end date Instant
E#10 End date, no donation End date Instant
E#11 End dare, some donations End date Instant


In addition to the above is the notification about new donations, which the fundraiser can adjust the frequency of themself.

Note that tribute funds, birthdays and other celebratory fundraisers have different email flows.

Timeline of emails

We have emails moving along three timelines. One starts at creation and ends the latest 30 days after. One starts 7 days before the end date and ends at the end date. And the other last from the start date and ends at the end date, but moves not according to time, but progress.

E#4 and new donation notifications are sent in addition and don't follow these three timelines.