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Offline Donations

What is an offline donation?

An offline donation is a donation that has been received outside of BetterNow and so will not be charged any BetterNow fees.

The donation will be shown on the fundraiser page just like a normal donation.

The payment goes through the charity, and the charity is responsible for adding the offline donation to the fundraising page after having received the donation.

The offline donation feature is mainly for larger donations that have been transferred directly to the charity, and thus has not been included in the total amount of the fundraiser.


How to make an offline donation

Offline donations can be made only by Charity administrators. Offline donations can be made from the internal admin page for the fundraiser.

To find this god to Dashboard --> Fundraisers --> Find the relevant fundraiser --> Add offline donation

  • Next step is to fill out the donation form, where you have the same options as if you were donating directly from the fundraising page.
  • The email address is used to associate the donation with a user. If in doubt, you can use your own or a made up one.
  • If you would like to add a motivating comment to the fundraiser, add this in the comment box.


Managing offline donations

You can find and edit offline donations under the donations sections of your dashboard. For obvious reasons you cannot refund offline donations nor have donation receipt re-sent, but you can edit and delete offline donations at any time.