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Delete or finish a fundraising page

As an administrator of a charity you can always disable donations (finish a fundraiser) or delete a fundraiser. Always take caution when doing this, and we always encourage you to contact the fundraiser to solve any issues first. 

First here is what happens when you

A) Finish a fundraiser:

When a fundraiser is finished, donations will be disabled. It will furthermore only be visible for people with a direct link and thus removed from all index pages. 

B) Delete a fundraiser:

When you delete a fundraiser, it will be removed from the platform. This is a non-reversible action.

To finish or delete a fundraiser

1. Make sure you are logged in with a charity administrator account.

2. Find the fundraising page

3. Click on 'more options' in the right side

4. Choose if you want to finish or delete a fundraiser, and confirm you decision in the pop-up.

Fundraiser can also finish and delte their own fundraiser, but only you as an administrator can delete or finish any fundraiser.