If a fundraiser donates themselves, we will show this donation just below the progress bar on the fundraising page.

Note, that we can only show the self-donation if it is made with the same email as the user who created the fundraising page. It is through the email that we match a fundraiser with a self-donation.

We try to encourage self donations because we know that it has a tremendously positive impact on the result of a fundraiser. Both because it both shows and generates further commitment from the fundraisers, but also because it has a strong encouraging affect on other donors. 

We therefore also show the below message when a fundraiser is visiting the donation page to their own fundraising page (and are logged in). Fundraisers that doesn't donate themselves only reach their goal just below 14% of the time, those who donate themselves reach the goal on average over 50% of the time, so 3.7x more often!