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Downloadable fundraising toolkit

The fundraising tool section allows you to publish a package (or "fundraising toolkit") with various helpful materials for your fundraisers.

You must host the package yourself (e.g. as a .zip file), then add the link in the administration dashboard. You can specify a link for each project, so if you have campaign-specific materials, they can have their own materials available.

To add the link, go to a specific project - edit it, and add the package URL under 'Media'

This is how it will look, directly under fundraiser tools.


Materials that you might include in such a package could be-

  •  Logo's fundraisers are allowed to use
  •  Communication guidelines
  •  Fill-in-yourself diplomas
  • Facts and figures about the cause
  • Print at home campaign materials (flags, table cards, etc. The sky is the limit!)

Read more on how to create a great P2P fundraising toolkit here.