To create a new project, you have to be registered as an administrator for your charity. You have to log with your administrator login, and go to your dashboard. 

In the dashboard you click on "Projects" in the sidebar on the left. Then you click on "Create a new project" as is seen in the screenshot below.



A project page has to have the following information

  • Title
  • Description of the project
  • Path (URL for the project page)

Optionally, but highly recommended is also to inclede

  • Header Background Image. This is the large banner image on top of the page. See recommended image ratios here. If nothing is chosen, the default for your organisation will be used.
  • Project card image. This is the image shown on index pages for the project.
  • Video. This is an optional video, will be shown beneath the description.

You can also set default description, goal and end date for any fundraiser created for the projects. Read more about project defaults here.

Lastly, you should decide

  • The initial state of the project. You can either choose to publish at once, let it be a draft for now and publish it later or create it as a hidden project.
  • What site(s) you want it to be published on.