MobilePay MyShop

This article describes how donors and fundraisers can use the MobilkePay MyShop option. Please read here for a guide on setting it up and making configurations.

Note: This payment method is only available to customers in Denmark and Finland, as these are the only regions where MobilePay is available. 

Making a donation

All fundraisers will get a second donate button on their fundraising pages when this is enabled as a payment method. It looks like this, and what happens depends on whether the user is on a mobile phone or a desktop computer.

From a desktop

On a desktop, a pop-up window will share instructions on how to donate using MobilePay. A donor can MobilePay any amount by sending them to the number shown and adding the message "F+the fundraiser ID". As long as the message starts with this, it will be imported and shown on the fundraising page. We import transactions every minute so that donations will be shown in near real-time.

In the pop-up, a QR code is also shown. The QR code will send the user to the MobilePay app and have the message field pre-filled. It can be scanned with a camera ap or the MobilePay app.

Donors can add a text after the "F+fundraisers ID", which will be shown as a comment on the donation.

The pop-up also informs about the downsides of this payment method (not possible to get a tax deduction, and no name is shown on the donation) with a button for going to the 'normal' donation form.

From a mobile phone

If the coming donor is already on his mobile phone when accessing the page, then the button will open up the MobilePay app, and the donor can swipe a freely chosen amount to the fundraiser. The message filed is already filled out with the "F+fundraisers ID".

Sharing the fundraiser

One of the greatest benefits of the MobilePay Myshop payment option is that it is easy to share when link sharing is an option. 

The QR code can be downloaded from the fundraising tools section and printed on posters and whatever the imagination allows.

The number + instructions on adding the "F+fundraisers ID" can be shared on, e.g. Instagram, in announcements and anywhere where the call-to-action for donating is shared vocally.

If a fundraiser has been allocated a specific MyShop number

You can allocate a dedicated MyShop number to a fundraiser. This will make it easier to use when fundraising at events, live streams and/or Instagram.