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MobilePay MyShop (setting up and configuring)

This article describes setting up and configuring the MyShop Number integration with MobilePay. Read here for a guide on how it works for donors and fundraisers.

Note: This integration is only available to customers in Denmark and Finland, as these are the only regions where MobilePay is available. 

Step 1: Add BetterNow as a reporting partner in VippsMobilePay

Go to your Vipps MobilePay dashboard. Under reporting you can addd Betternow as a partner. Go to the tab for partner access. BetterNow is an official partner and can be found under the name "BetterNow Worldwide ApS" Add us for all those MyShop numbers that you want to use with BetterNow.

When you have done this - contact us with your MSN number on support@betternow.org (see below for where to find it).



Step 2: Assign a general MyShop number to the integration

The next step is to choose the MyShop number for the integration. We will only import transactions to this number if a fundraiser ID is in the message filed. You can, therefore use existing MyShop numbers used for other purposes, however, we strongly recommend using a separate MyShop number - as this speeds up the time it takes to import donations. Donations made through MyShop Numbers count as all other donations and are charged a fee according to your subscription.

You do this from the same space under integrations where you set up the connection between MobilePay and BetterNow.

You are now good to go and the integration is configured. Below are two additional optional settings.

Step 3 (optional): Assign project-specific MyShop numbers

You can allocate specific MyShop numbers to specific projects. It could be that project is associated with a specific campaign with a MyShop number supporters are used to and know. This enables you to use that number for the fundraisers on BetterNow for that campaign too.

You can assign project-specific Myhop numbers under each project. You can do this from the list view of all your projects.

Step 4 (optional): Assign fundraiser-specific MyShop numbers 

Donors who don't press donate from their mobile phone browser or aren't using the QR code will have to manually enter F followed by the fundraiser ID when donating for the donation to show up on the fundraising page they donate to. You can allocate a specific MYShop number to individual fundraisers to alleviate this and make donating even easier. This can, for example, be worthwhile if the effort of the fundraiser is high impact enough, e.g. an Influencer who will be sharing on Instagram or a large company that will be using the number at corporate events. 

Important: If a MyShop number is added to a fundraiser, then we will import ALL donations to that number. In other words, you should NOT use a number also used for other campaigns/activities. 

You can add fundraiser-specific numbers under each fundraiser in your administration panel.