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Zapier: How to set up and troubleshoot

In this article we will explain and show how to connect your BetterNow account to Zapier and start integrating BetterNow with over 1.500 other applications. We will also explain how to trouble shoot the most common issues.

How to set it up

First you need access to your organisation's Zapier account, and if you don't have one, to create one. Their basic plan is free.

The integration is currently only accessible when using this invitation. So step two is to click this invitation link.

Next step is to connect to BetterNow from Zapier.

You can create a new secret API key under integrations. You will have access to integrations on all plans except the basic platform subscription. You must use the secret API key, not the the public API key. The secret API key can be found under 'show details'.

The secret key gives access to personal data, where as the public API key only gives access to already publicly visible information.

NOTE: Under no circumstances reveal your secret key publicly or to third parties whom you do not have a subprocessor agreement with.

Success! Thats it! You are now ready to start building your new integrations (or Zap's). If you are new to Zapier, we will recommend that you take the tutorial.


Some common errors you might encounter while setting up your zaps.

Error 403. This error "We had trouble sending your test through. [---------] status=403"  is most often caused by connecting with the Public API key and not the secret API key.

Error 422. This error "We had trouble sending your test through. [---------]  status=422" is caused by you passing/sending data into BetterNow (so when you are triggering an action on BetterNow) that the system doesn't understand. Basically some of the input data is invalid. So e.g. if you try to send a text string like "this is not a date" as the fundraiser end date, the system will give a error, as this is an invalid date. So if if you get a 422 error, try to see if there is a mismatch between the data formats you are sending, and the requirements for these. If the error persist contact us on apisupport@betternow.org and we will help you out.