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Zapier: Triggers and actions

This article will explain details on the actions and triggers available through the Zapier integration. See how to set up the integration here.


We have so far added three triggers to our Zapier integration.

New Fundraiser

This trigger happens when ever anyone create a fundraiser. Besides the obvious information such as name and email on the person creating the fundraiser, we also make the description, title, goals and end date available + much more.

Possible uses: Add new fundraisers to your CRM system. Add new fundraisers to a mailing list. Create the fundraiser as a Wordpress post. Manage fundraisers in a Trello board. Notify your slack channel. Creating a to-do to welcome the fundraiser.

New donors

This trigger happens when a donations is made. Besides the obvious information such as amount, , time/date, name and email on the person creating the fundraiser, there is also the comment, if it is anonymous, contact permission and a few other fields.

Possible uses: Add new donors to your CRM system. Add new donors to mailing list. Have new donations added to a spreadsheet. Update a counter on dashboard for keeping track of your teams performance.

Goal reached

This trigger happens when a fundraiser reaches their goal. We send information on the fundraiser, and of course also the gaol and total amount fundraised. Note, this is only triggered once per fundraiser, even if they raise their goal and reaches it again.

Possible uses: Creating a reminder to thank/call the fundraiser. Updating your CRM system. Updating the Trello board where you keep track on fundraisers. 


We have two actions available in our Zapier integration

Create Fundraiser

You can trigger the creation of a new fundraiser. This requires that as minimum you have an email and a name of the person who should own the fundraiser. In addition to this a title is required. If the project the fundraiser is created for, have a default, goal, end date and description, these can be left out. But if the project does not have these, then these are also needed ( or you will get a 422 error).

The fundraiser will be created as public fundraiser, and start receiving the usual email flow. So, make sure that the user accepts your privacy policy at some point before the fundraiser is created.

Possible uses: Automatic fundraiser creation when completing a web form on your own homepage. Automatic creation of a fundraiser when some one signs up to an event.

Create Fundraiser Invitation

This 'just' sends an email to a person, with an invitation link for creating a fundraiser. This requires just a first + last name and an email. By following the link they can then create a fundraiser. Read more about fundraiser invitations here.

Possible uses: Send invitations to users when they enter certain supporter segments in your CRM/Marketing automation systems. Send an invitations after completing a web form.