Export Data

In our data exporter, you can export data on fundraisers and donations. 

The donation data is the exact same as in the monthly reports, you have the option here to define the time range yourself and also limit the data to either a specific site or project.

In addition, you can export all donations for a fundraiser under the admin page for that fundraiser (see details at the bottom)

The fundraiser data you can export is documented here.

The exporter

In order to export you will have to select the:

  • Object you want to export
  • Date range

Optionally you can also add filters on the specific:

  • Project
  • Site

The format of the export is a CSV file that will be downloaded to your download folder set in your browser.

Number format

If you are a UK charity, the file is comma-separated, with numbers formatted as 1,234.56

If you are a charity from any other European country, the file is semicolon separated, with numbers formatted as 1.234,56

Data encoding and issues in Excel

The file's encoding is UTF-8. So, if you want to open the file in Excel, it is advisable to use the import function and select this encoding. 

Excel does not recognise this encoding by itself, so just double-clicking the file will result in text strings having characters such as æ, ø, å, ö, ä and ü not being shown properly. But this is easily solved by importing the file rather than opening it.



Donations for a single fundraiser

If you need all donations exported for a single fundraiser, then the easiest is to go under a single fundraiser and download it from there. Here, you get all donations as CSV for all donations that single fundraiser. The data is the same as documented here.