Data on Donors

Each month we send you details on all donations given to you in the previous month. This article explains the format of this report, and what each column covers.

All those marked with * may have a null value in the report, either because the field is optional for the donor to fill out, or because the donation isn't associated with any object of that type (e.g. a team or event)

Column Name Format Content
Donation ID Number A unique ID for each donation set by BetterNow.
Donation Date Date (UTC) The date on which the donations was made
Amount Number The donation amount
Currency Text The currency of the donation
Donor Type Text Private or corporate donor.
Tax ID* Text Donor Tax ID
Danish CPR numbers: DDMMYYXXXX
Swedish Personnummer: YYYYMMDDXXXX
Full Name Text Full name of the donor
First Name Text First name of the donor
Last Name Text Last name of the donor
Company Name* Text Name of company, if it is a company
Email Case insensitive text Email fo the donor
Phone* Text  Phone number as collected on donation from or user profile. This is reported in the international standard for phone numbers: e164
Address 1* Text Street line 
Address 2* Text  Street line 2
Postal Code* Text The postal code
City* Text  City 
Province* Text Province
Country* Text (max 2 characters) Country code of the donor
Birthdate* Date (UTC) The donor birthday if available
Name as shown Text The name shown with the donation, not necessarily the actual name of the donor
Comment* Text Comment with the donation
Given Anonymously True/false TRUE = name is hidden on the public donation
Allow organisation contact True/false TRUE = donor accepted to be contacted
Allow site contact True/false TRUE = donor accepted to be contacted by site owner (only relevant on platform sites) 
Project Name Text Name of project, donation is connected with
Project Reference Number Unique project ID
Fundraiser Title Text Title of the fundraiser donated to
Fundraiser URL Text URL of the fundraiser donated to
Fundraiser ID Text Unique ID of the fundraiser
Fundraiser Type Text Awaiting new feature on BetterNow - stay tuned!
Fundraiser Full Name Text Full name of fundraiser donated to
Fundraiser First Name Text First name of fundraiser donated to
Fundraiser Last Name Text  Last name of fundraiser donated to
Event Name* Text Name of event, fundraiser is connected with
Event ID* Number Unique event ID
Team ID* Number Unique team ID
Team Name* Text Name of team, fundraiser is member of 
Charity Reference Number Unique charity ID
Charity Name Text Name of charity, fundraiser is fundraising for
Site Text  URL of the site, the donation was given through
Your Reference Text The reference code you set on project level
Gross Amount Text Donation before any fees
PSP Fee*  Number Payment Service Provider Fee (only given if settled by BetterNow)
BN Fee*  Number BetterNow Fee. NOTE! Will be null on donations in current month, if you download data through the data exporter.
Net Amount*  Number Donation net of all fees (only given if settled by BetterNow)
Project URL Text URL of the project the fundraiser have picked
Settled By BetterNow True/false True if settled by BetterNow, False if settled by Clearhaus or other acquire
Acquire Text Clearhaus, Swish or Vipps
Payment ID for Processor Text ID given to payment processor
Self_donation True/false True: Donation made by the person who also created the fundraiser, to which the the donation was made.
Tribute fund ID* Text ID given to the tribute fund, the donation was made to
In memory gift card ID* Text ID of the gift (condolence) card, if present
Honoree* Text Name of person the tribute fund is made in honor to OR person honored on gift crad
Funerale date* Date (UTC) Date of funeral for honoree
Birth date* Date (UTC) Birthdate of the honoree
Death date* Date (UTC) Death date of the honoree
In memory message* Text Massage as on the gift (condolance) card
In memory givers* Text Name of givers, as appearing on the gift (condolance) card