Data on Sponsorships

The report on sponsorships is, of course, only relevant if you are running any project with sponsored fundraisers.

The report includes both sponsorships that have been charged and those not charged yet (of who failed to be charged). All the columns on donations will first be filled the day the sponsorship is charged and a corresponding donation is created.


Column NameFormatContent
Sponsorship IDNumberA unique ID for each sponsorship is set by BetterNow.
Sponsorship DateDate (UTC)The date on which the sponsorship was  made
Sponsorship StateTextThe state of the sponsorship (see below for a detailed explanation of the states)
RateNumberThe date on which the sponsorship was made
Unit of measureTextThe date on which the sponsorship was  made
AmountNumberThe amount charged. NULL if no activity is registred.
CurrencyTextThe currency of the sponsorship
Registered ActivityNumberThe activity that is registered by the fundraiser.
Charge dateDateThe day the sponsorship was/will be charged.
Donor TypeTextPrivate or corporate donor.
Tax ID*TextDonor Tax ID
Danish CPR numbers: DDMMYYXXXX
Swedish Personnummer: YYYYMMDDXXXX
Full NameTextFull name of the donor
First NameTextFirst name of the donor
Last NameTextLast name of the donor
Company Name*TextName of company, if it is a company
EmailCase insensitive textEmail for the donor
Phone*Text Phone number. This is reported in the international standard for phone numbers: e164
Address 1*TextStreet line 
Address 2*Text Street line 2
Postal Code*TextThe postal code
City*Text City 
Country*Text (max 2 characters)Country code of the donor
Birthdate*Date (UTC)The donor's birthday, if available
Name as shownTextThe name shown with the donation, not necessarily the actual name of the donor
Comment*TextComment with the donation
Given AnonymouslyTrue/falseTRUE = name is hidden on the public donation
Allow organisation contactTrue/falseTRUE = donor accepted to be contacted
Allow site contactTrue/falseTRUE = donor accepted to be contacted by site owner (only relevant on platform sites) 
Project NameTextName of project, donation is connected with
Project ReferenceNumberUnique project ID
Fundraiser TitleTextTitle of the fundraiser donated to
Fundraiser URLTextURL of the fundraiser donated to
Fundraiser IDTextUnique ID of the fundraiser
Fundraiser TypeTextAwaiting new feature on BetterNow - stay tuned!
Fundraiser Full NameTextFull name of fundraiser donated to
Fundraiser First NameTextFirst name of fundraiser donated to
Fundraiser Last NameText Last name of the fundraiser donated to
Event Name*TextName of event, fundraiser is connected with
Event ID*NumberUnique event ID
Team ID*NumberUnique team ID
Team Name*TextName of team, fundraiser is member of 
Charity ReferenceNumberUnique charity ID
Charity NameTextName of charity, fundraiser is fundraising for
SiteText URL of the site, the donation was given through
Your ReferenceTextThe reference code you set on the project level
Gross AmountTextDonation before any fees
PSP Fee* NumberPayment Service Provider Fee (only given if settled by BetterNow)
BN Fee* NumberBetterNow Fee. NOTE! Will be null on donations in current month, if you download data through the data exporter.
Net Amount* NumberDonation net of all fees (only given if settled by BetterNow)
Project URLTextURL of the project the fundraiser have picked
Settled By BetterNowTrue/falseTrue if settled by BetterNow, False if settled by Clearhaus or other acquire
AcquireTextClearhaus, Swish or Vipps
Payment ID for ProcessorTextID given to payment processor
Self_donationTrue/falseTrue: Donation was made by the person who also created the fundraiser, to which the donation was made.
Settlement CurrencyTextCurrency the donation has been settled in
ERP product numberTextERP number set on the project level (Beta feature)
Short Payment ID for processorTextID given to payment processor, stripped of the payment attempt number


Sponsorship states

The states of the sponsorship have the following interpretations:

authorization_suceeded: This is a successfully created sponsorship with an associated payment card. It hasn't been charged. This will be because the fundraiser haven't registered any activity yet.

cancelled: This is. successfully created sponsorship that for some reason have been cancelled.

payment_succeeded: This is a sponsorship that has been successfully charged and a donation has been created. A sponsorship can only be charge donce.

payment_filed: Payment for the sponsorship failed. An email about this has been end to the sponsor with a request to update card details.