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Clearhaus Settlement Reports

The below is for our standard payment setup and isn't applicable to customers on the onlinefundraising.dk integration.

You can find your Clearhaus Settlement Report under 'Settlements' in your dashboard. If you receive monthly payouts from Clerahaus, this will be ready around the 4th of the month.

Here you will see a list of all your settlement reports. It will have the pay-out date, the Descriptor (which is what will appear on you bank statement), and a reference number together with the payout amount.

You can access the details and the CSV report under 'View details'.

Settlement Overview Page

Under details you can see any amount that may have been subtracted in the settlement. There will always be the the card fees charged by Clearhaus, in addition to this you could potentially have refunds and chargebacks. 

Refunds are when a donation have been refunded. This could both be for donations in the past month, or if you have refunded donations made in the past. You can see this by downloading the detailed transaction report.

Chargebacks are when a donor don't recognise a payment. This can either be because the donor has lost their card, due to card fraud, or simply a donor regretting a donation and instead of asking for refund, they report it as a chargeback.

If a donation is reported as a chargeback, we will reach out to you to assist in handling the issue, and most often the chargeback is dropped after reaching out to the donor. Chargebacks are very rare for donations, as very few criminals use stolen credit cards for charitable donations.

Transaction reports (CSV file) 

From the overview page you can download the detailed transaction reports.

The transaction report includes all the transactions that are included in any given pay-out/settlement.

The reports includes the following columns

merchant_id: This is your merchant ID with Clearhaus.
settlement_batch_id: This is the ID of the settlement, and will always be the same within any given file.
post_date: Date of the donation.
reference: The payment ID given by Clearhaus.
type: Can be either capture, refund or chargeback. Capture meaning a completed payment.
currency: The donation currency, this will be the same on all donations.
amount: Payment amount.
fees: Clearhaus fees for the given payment.
amount_payable: Amount subtracted the fees for the payment.
card_scheme: Visa or Mastercard.
card_type: Debit or credit.
card_last_4: The last four digits of the card number.
donation_id: This is the BetterNow donation ID that we have attached to the Clearhaus report.