The below is for our standard payment setup and isn't applicable to customers on the onlinefundraising.dk integration.

Your donations are paid out by the payment acquire for the given payment type. 

All Visa, Mastercard and MobilePay payments are paid out by Clearhaus. 

Swish payments are paid out by Swish.

Vipps payments are paid out by Vipps.

Neonomics bank transfers are transferred directly to your bank account from the donor bank account (no acquire).

Clearhaus payouts

Clearhaus pays out funds at the end of each calendar month with a 3 day delay.  

You can access the Clearhaus settlement overview and reports directly from your BetterNow dashboard. Read more about Clearhaus reports here.


Swish and Vipps pay-outs

These follow your own schedule as agreed upon with Swish/Vipps.