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Add a credit card for billing (and how billing works)

We require that all active accounts have a credit or debit card on file for billing of payment fees and subscription fees.

How to add a credit card

Go to your dashboard and find the submenu 'Billing'

On this page press 'Add credit card'

In the form that appears simply add the credit card details and press 'Add Credit Card'.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted

We won't charge anything on the credit card when you add it, only validate it.

How does billing work

We charge payment costs and BetterNow percentage-fees once a month. So after each month, we calculate these fees based on your donations, payment costs and subscription plan. 

We charge this to the credit card and at the same time issue a receipt that states what you have been charged and for what. 

The charge date is just after you have received your pay-out from Clearhaus, so on the 4th workday of the month.

The payment fees and BetterNow percentage-fees can never be more than what is paid out to you in donations.

Payment acquiring fees

Payment acquiring fees are charged directly by the payment acquire and subtracted before the funds are paid out. These fees will be detailed in the settlement reports.