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Your charity profile for platforms (how to edit)

All charities have a profile page. This profile is mainly and foremost of use when your are listed on multi-charity fundraising platforms, such as BetterNow's own platforms or those hosted by e.g. sports events and other 'third-parties'. 

The page is also visible on any white label pages, but of less importance here.

To edit the page, go to your dashboard.

1. First step is to log in with your administrator email address. If you are not an administrator, ask one who is to help you, or contact BetterNow support. If you can't access your dahsboard, while still being an admin, click here.

2. Click on "My Dashboard" 

Click on "Settings" on the menu on the left. When you have clicked on this,  below picture will be shown. Here you can edit the information you wish to edit, and thereafter click "Save Changes" in the bottom.