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Email Settings

For each site, you can set various email settings. 

Go to Dashboard --> Sites --> Pick relevant site tab

These settings only currently relate to the following emails:

  • Fundraiser coach emails 
  • Donation Receipts
  • Sponsorship confirmation
  • Emails with in-memory condolence cards
  • All password reset emails
  • Notifications about thank you messages to donors
  • Notifications about fundraiser page updates to donors
  • Notifications about team leader messages
  • Notifications about messages from you (charity admins) on fundraiser pages 
  • Notifications about new donations to fundraisers
  • Notifications about new fundraisers and ended fundraiser to you (charity admins)

The following settings apply to all of the above emails.

  • Primary brand colour
  • Logo for emails
  • Standard email greeting (except notifications to you as charity admins)

Two additional fields only relate to individual emails

  • A small thank you text at the bottom (but before the greeting) of fundraiser coach emails
  • A small text before the main body of the donation receipt

Note that the text fields have certain character limits. The character limit includes HTML tags, so if there are line breaks in your text, then these will count toward the limit too.