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Landing Page Settings

All white label sites landing pages can be edited by charity administrators.

To locate these settings, navigate to your landing page while logged in with your admin user. Here you will see the following button in the submenu.

What you can edit

  • What elements to show on your landing page (e.g. do you want to show teams, events, projects or total collected counter).
  • Edit the text over the header banner image.
  • Edit the descriptive text located at the top of your page.
  • Edit the header banner image itself.

Projects show on the landing page

You can either just show the four most recently created projects, or pin four specific projects to the landing page, and select what order you want to show these projects. You can choose to leave the some of the project slots open even if you have more than four projects you can show.

Only projects open for new fundraisers can be shown.