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How to configure the user flow for creating a fundraiser

You can change the number of steps that a supporter has to go through in order to create a fundraising page from the main landing page. 

All steps of the fundraiser creation flow

  • Step 1: After the user enters the flow, the first step is to select which project the supporters want to fundraise for. They can read the project description before selecting.
  • Step 2: The second step is to select a fundraiser type. Fundraiser types are mainly and a method for the user to conceptualise what they are doing, but each type will also influence their continued journey. It might be with additional fields or with changes to the email journey.
  • Step 3: Next the user will add a headline and description to their fundraiser. Most will also set a goal and an end date, and depending on the fundraiser type selected, other fields might appear.
  • Step 4: The final step is to publish the fundraiser by creating a user. We have added this as the final step, as it has shown to increase conversion and completion of the flow. The user can either create a user with their email, or signup/login with Facebook or Google. 

Removing steps from the fundraiser creation flow

By changing configurations, you can remove the two initial steps in the above flow. In some cases this will be a better setup.

Step 1

If there is only one project to choose from, this step is unnecessary and will automatically be skipped. If you have several steps, but for various reasons want to limit the available projects to one, you can either:

  • Finish existing projects. This will disable fundraiser creation (and optionally also donations) for the projects and remove them from all index pages.
  • Hide projects. This will not disable fundraiser creation, but will hide it from all index pages. The project is thus only discoverable by direct linking.

Read more on changing the state of a project here.

Step 2

You can remove the selection of fundraiser types, by setting a default fundraiser type for the project(s) in step 1. If you have several projects, you must set a default type for all of the projects to remove step 2 for all users. Be aware that this is a global setting, and will also impact the user flow initiated from a different starting point than the main landing page.

You can read how to set this in this article

Examples on user cases for removing certain steps

Campaigns: You have a campaign site for a specific campaign, where you don’t need several projects and you know that by definition all fundraisers will be ’the same, like a 'sports fundraiser’. This is also true when you have a project for a campaign/event without a separate site.  

Simplicity: Why give users more choices than necessary? Many BetterNow customers only have one project to choose from, for the simple reason that it gives them little or no value to add more projects.