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Cookie Management

This article describes how you can manage cookies and be in compliance with the EU ePrivacy directive.

Basically you have two choices A) Use the built-in cookie consent manager or B) Use a third party cookie consent manager. Lastly you can choose to disable all cookie consent, however this will not be in compliance with cookie legislation.

You should option B) if you are using Google Tag Manager to set cookies on your own for e.g. tracking, statistical or marketing purposes or if you prefer to use a third party provider as they most often have more advanced functionality. Using the built-in manager is a great option if you don't set any cookies yourself, don't need advanced functionality or want to save the expense for a third party cookie plugin.

The built-in manager

The built-in manager gives users the choice of either accepting all cookies or rejecting non-essential cookies. BetterNow sets a single essential cookie, a few statistical cookies (they help us track down errors on the site) and the marketing cookies set is purely a result of BetterNow supporting embedded video players like YouTube, Twitch.tv etc.

If non-essential cookies are rejected, then all YouTube etc. videos are blocked until cookies are accepted. All blocked videos have a CTA to accept all cookies. 

Non-essential cookies are blocked until they are accepted, thus no marketing or statistics cookies are set before cookies are actually accepted.

The built-in manager does only work for cookies set by BetterNow. If you set cookies through Google Tag Manger, then these cookies will not be managed by the built-in manager.

Third party manager

We have build support for using CookieBot, Cookieinformation and Legal Monster as cookie managers. We are open to integrating to others, so if you are using another provider, do let us know.

These should be implemented using Google Tag Manager. Follow the instructions in the documentation of CookieBotCookieinformation or Legal Monster for this. To select one of these go to dashboard --> sites --> select the specific site --> Cookies and Tracking. We have already added the relevant scripts for each provider so that cookies are blocked until explicitly accepted.

Using one of the third party managers ensures that both the cookies set by BetterNow and the cookies set by you are blocked and managed by the same consent manager. 

Just as with the built-in manager then YouTube videos etc are blocked until cookies are accepted. We have pre-installed these scripts for Cookieinformation, Cookiebot and Legal Monster