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Site Configurations
The general configurations of sites can be changed from your dashboard. Besides ... more
Landing Page Settings
All white label sites landing pages can be edited by charity administrators. To... more
Email Settings
For each site, you can set various email settings. Go to Dashboard --> Site... more
Analytics and Tracking
We offer the option for you to integrate with Google Tag Manager, and through th... more
Cookie Management
This article describes how you can manage cookies and be in compliance with the ... more
Your charity profile for platforms (how to edit)
All charities have a profile page. This profile is mainly of use when your are l... more
How to configure the user flow for creating a fundraiser
You can change the number of steps that a supporter has to go through in order t... more
Fundraiser goal tracking with virtual pageviews
To make the fundraiser creation flow smoother, we skipped the Thank You page, an... more
Ecommerce events sent to the GTM dataLayer by BetterNow
This is the ecommerce events sent to the GTM dataLayer by BetterNow. This can be... more