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Site Configurations

The general configurations of sites can be changed from your dashboard. Besides setting up Tracking/Analytics and Cookie Management there are some other various configurations.

Go to Dashboard --> Sites 

The tabs on the top of the page is where you pick the site you want to configure (need an additional site? contact support for help setting one up). The tab are named after the subdomain to your yourbetternow.org site. 

Everyone will have the first tab reserved be for their platform profile. This is the profile shown on platform sites. Read more on this here.

DNS and SEO settings

You can see the CNAME currently in place for your site. Contact support if you need it to be changed.

In this section you can also edit the SEO title and meta description. These are the texts that will show up in e.g. google search results.

Contact Info

This is the information used as contact info for you, both on some static pages and in the emails going out to fundraisers. Your phone number is only shown in emails to tribute fund creators.

The email is also used as the general reply-to email for all emails to fundraisers.

Email Settings

These settings only currently relate to the fundraiser coach emails. The fundraiser coach is the machine learning algorithm that generates personalised advice for each fundraiser. 

Here you can upload a logo for use in these emails and add your primary brand color for use in buttons and other graphics. 

You can furthermore edit both the greeting and a small "thank you" text that will appear just before the greeting. Note that there is a character limit. The character limit includes HTML tags, so if there are line breaks in your text, then these will count toward the limit too.

Advanced settings

These settings are only used in rare cases.

Override the logo link. The logo by default links to the landing page of the site. In some rare cases where it might make sense to override this field and have it link to another site. We only recommend doing this if your site is well integrated to the site you link to e.g. with the help of an API integration.

Override the help link. This could be if you have your own donor care center, where you always ave added articles on P2P fundraising.