Teams are a way of grouping together fundraisers. Most often team members know each other, they could be colleges, family members or friends. Each team page have a leaderboard over all fundraisers and can be used for creating competition among its members. 

The team page aggregates the results of all team members and have it own goal. 

It is not possible to donate directly to a team. Everybody belonging to a team still must have their own personal fundraiser. A donation to a team must go via a fundraiser.

Creating a team

Teams can only be created from event pages. The person who creates the team will become the team leader. It is her or him who can edit in the team description and add images etc. It is also possible to publicly list a different person as the contact person directly on the team page.

Each team can have a description, a logo and an additional image or video.

Joining and leaving teams

A fundraiser will automatically join the team if the start the fundraiser from the team page. It is also possible to join a team later.

When a user is logged into their account and have accessed their fundraising page, then it is possible to join a team from the 'more options' button. When you click on the symbol, a menu will drop down, where you can select your fundraiser state as well as joining or leaving a team, see below.

On the next screen it is possible to search for a specific team or browse those available if you can't remember the exact name.

Likewise it is possible to leave and chnage tema from under the "more options" under a team.