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Event pages - User cases

There are many ways to organise events, and a very important element here is to think creatively and make something that will be meaningful for people to participate in.

Here are some examples on how events have been used: 

  • Some charities create an event to make use of the gamification element, as you can allow the fundraisers to create and join teams. These teams can be created by the fundraisers themselves, where they make their own teams of e.g. friends or colleagues, and compete with other teams in the event. 
  • Other charities create organised teams themselves, and add members to the teams. The teams could be different cities or country regions participating in the same event. It can also be teams that are put together based on other criterions.
  • If your organisation is having an event together with one or more other organisations, you can create one common event. People are different and have different feelings regarding different causes based on their own personality and life experience, and therefore it makes sense to let people pick the cause that is closest to their hearts. In this way you can get more participants to join the event as you include a wider range of people. This way the event can gain a larger outreach.


Common practical use cases are:

  • Sport events with/without teams, teams can be self-organised or determined top-down by you
  • School fundraising, each school has its own team and each class its own fundraiser
  • Corporate fundraising, each department can ahve its own team, with employees/events having its own fundrasing apges