Event pages

An event is an umbrella page for all teams/fundraisers under it. It allows you to enable team creation, so fundraisers can join their efforts together in teams. 

If you have a campaign, a sports event, or another kind of event, it might be a good idea to create an event page, sometimes in addition to a project. Other use cases are school and corporate fundraising.

An event page has several useful functions, some of them being: 

  • You can create teams under the event, and in this way encourage friendly competition
  • You can tie several projects to the same event/campaign, this gives a high degree of flexibility in how you organise and aggregate fundraisers and donations

Fundraisers can also join events after creation from the fundraiser tools section.

Event pages live under their own tab in the header and will also appear when a user presses the "start fundraising" button among other projects. If an event has several projects attached, the user will be asked to select a project after selecting the event.

To find out about how to create an event see here.