Event pages

An event is an umbrella page for all projects/fundraisers under it. It allows you to open up for team creation, so the participants can join their efforts together in teams. 

If you have a campaign, a sports-event, or another kind of event, it might be a good idea to create an event page, sometime sin addition a project page.

An event page has several good functions, some of them being: 

  • You can create teams under the event, and in this way make friendly competition
  • You can share the event with another charity if needed
  • You can tie several projects to the same event, and in this way you have the possibility to for example make several teams or groups tied to one event, and still being able to trace all total amount fundraised by one campaign/event. 

Read more about examples of how other charities have used events here.

To find out about how to create an event see here.