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How do I create an event?

How Does it Work?

The event should be tied to at least one of your own projects. You can also tie several projects to an event, and if relevant you could also share an event with another charity. If you would like to tie your event to a new project, start by creating the project and adding all the details.

How to Create an Event?

At the moment it is only BetterNow who can create events, so you have to contact us at support@betternow.org if you would like to have an event created for your organisation, or simply know more about it. When requesting an event, you also need to provide following information about the event:

  • Name
  • Description 
  • Location
  • Start and End Date
  • A link to the project you would like to have the event tied to

You can always make changes to the event yourself after creation.