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How to edit the consent statements for contact permissions

You can edit the text that follows the checkbox for contact permissions. This way you can collect consent for exactly what you need consent for. This could be for contacting donors and fundraisers about becoming regular donors, or it could be something completely different.

You can change the text from your dashboard --> account --> legal

The text you add in this field will then be shown with the checkbox for collecting contact permissions.

You can have your consent statement translated. As in all parts of the BetterNow dashboard, you will edit the translation for the language you have set in the top menu bar. So if you have your locale set to e.g. 'EN' then you are editing then English version. To switch to another locale simply change the language in the top menu bar.



Note the following:

Your consent form is set to be the same across all projects and all fundraisers. You can't change it for specific projects or fundraisers.

It is the same consent statement that will be in all forms, so this setting will change both the consent form for when users create a fundraiser and when they make a donation.

We will report if the checkbox was checked at the time a fundraiser was created or donation was made. You will have to keep track of what the  consent statement was at any given time yourself, and if you have changed it, you might want to note down the exact time you changed the text.

Relying on legitimate interest?

If you want to have the contact permission checkbox and consent statement hidden altogether, then this is possible on all branded/white label sites - but you must email our support at orgsupport@betternow.org. On the BetterNow platforms, we will always show the contact permission field.