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Downloadable fundraiser materials

If you want to put together a package with various helpful materials for your fundraisers, then you can make such as package available through the fundraising tool section for fundraisers.

You will need to host the package yourself (e.g. as a .zip file), then add the link in in the administration dashboard. You can specify a link for each project, so if you have campaign specific materials that is also possible.

To add the link go to a specific project - edit it, and add the package URL under 'Media'

This is how it will look under fundraising tools.


Materials that you might include in such a package could be

  •  Logo's fundraisers are allowed to use
  •  Communication guidelines
  •  Fil in yourself diplomas
  • Facts and figures about the cause
  • Print at home campaign materials (flags, table cards, your creativity is the only limitation here :-) )