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Tax Deductions and Reporting (Denmark)

All Danish charities who are approved by 'ligningsloven §8a' can offer donors a tax deduction. 

How it works for donors 

In order for a donation to qualify, it has to be given without the donor receiving anything of value.

When giving a donation, the donor will be asked to certify that: "I'm a Danish citizen and want a tax deduction for my donation. I hereby confirm that my donation is not being made as part of a raffle, in exchange for a ticket, or in exchange for anything else of economic value." They then add their CPR-number for privates, or CVR-number for companies. We validate the input in these fields, to ensure that these numbers are valid.


Reporting of tax deductions

It is the responsibility of you, the charity, to report tax deductions. We report tax deductions and CPR/CVR numbers in all monthly reports, and this information can then be downloaded from the export functionality in your dashboard throughout the year.

In addition to this, we generate two additional reports for you. These are both available on the 1st of January, and until June of the same year. The report is generated for any charity that has tax deductions to report. They can both be downloaded from your dashboard, under 'Reports' (Rapporter) (find the link above the list of your usual reports).

The two reports are-

  • An excel file that contains donation details on all donors who have entered in their personal CPR number and certified that they are eligible for a tax deduction. This can be used to create your own report after SKAT's requirements, in case you need to amend it yourself or edit some of the information first.
  • A CSV file that is formatted exactly after the requirements set forth by SKAT. You can thus upload this directly to SKAT. 

Read more on how to report tax deductions at SKAT here: https://skat.dk/SKAT.aspx?oId=2177501&chk=215566