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Set the reply-to email address for emails to donors

You can set the general reply-to email address under your dashboard -> Account ->  Basic Info.

The reply-to email will be added as the reply-to email for donation receipts and other other emails being sent from the system. This way donors can contact you by replying to the donation receipt. The email address will not be used as the sender, only as the reply-to email.

Why is this important: As you are the receiver of the donation, and BetterNow at no point has ownership of the donation, you are the only one who can refund a donation etc. So to avoid unnecessary miscommunication, donor replies to donation receipts should always go to you, even on BetterNow branded platforms.

Note: If you have implemented a white label solution prior to October 2019, we will be using the reply-to email address that you supplied us with when we did the implementation.