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Navigating your dashboard

Below is an extended article on how to navigate your dashboard. Take a look at the menu (shown below) on the left hand side of your dashboard, and go through all the different pages to get to know your dashboard and your possibilities. Here you can read about each step. 


Here you see an overview of your activities: donations collected; averages of these donations; fundraisers recently created; Newest fundraisers; and recently ended fundraisers.See the menu on the left hand side, and go through all the different pages to get to know your dashboard and your possibilities. Here you can read about each step:


Here you can see all your projects created, and easily edit them. This is also where you create a new project. Do this to try it out. You can always delete it again, or keep it as a draft, invisible for everyone except your charity’s administrators.



This is where you fill out the basic information of your organisation. It is important that you provide us with all the information asked for here. Just follow the top menu and go through all the points:

Charity Page, Address and Bank info should all be filled out before your charity starts fundraising. Documents and subscription is being filled out by BetterNow, but you should make sure the information is correct.



Here you can add new users and remove old one; all it takes is that you are an administrator. Just click on “add administrator” or “Remove” dependent on what you wish to do.

If you are not yet an administrator, contact another charity administrator, or BetterNow, on orgsupport@betternow.org.


Here you have all the information about your fundraisers. You can also add “Offline” donations to a fundraiser here. Read more about that here.

Here you also find a great function: You can as a charity write an update on the fundraiser’s fundraiser page (will be public between the donations in the activity flow).

Simply click on “Create an update” If you have already made an update, it will say the date for this. W recommend you to use this function! It is largely appreciated by the fundraisers.

Remember that you can always find the contact information for the fundraisers by going to their fundraiser page and clicking on the cogwheel → contact information. This is usually email+phonenumber.



Here you can see all the donations and additional information such as which fundraiser they are donated to; which date; and whether or not they have given you permission to contact them.  Make sure to check if they are agreeing to further contact or not, before contacting them.



Under reports you find all the invoices and donor data. You receive a report every month in connection with the monthly transfer of donations, which will be emailed to the one/s who are registered as accountant for your charity. You can see this if you click on “Users” in the dashboard menu. However, it is always to be found here. Just click on the month you like, and click on “Download Excelfile”.

REMEMBER: The first excel sheet you see is an overview. You need to click on the second tab in the bottom, called “donation details” to see the donor data. A more explicit explanation of the reporting can be found here.