Navigating your dashboard

Below is an article on how to navigate your dashboard. Take a look at the menu (shown below) on the left hand side of your dashboard, and go through all the different pages to get to know your dashboard and your possibilities. Here you can read about each step. 

Whenever you see a (1) in the menu, it indicates that their is an action that you need to take in that area.


Here you see an overview of your activities: donations collected; averages of these donations; fundraisers recently created; Newest fundraisers; and recently ended fundraisers.See the menu on the left hand side, and go through all the different pages to get to know your dashboard and your possibilities. Here you can read about each step:


Here you can see all your projects created, and easily edit them. This is also where you create a new project. Do this to try it out. You can always delete it again, or keep it as a draft, invisible for everyone except your charity’s administrators.


Here you can serach and find all fundraisers created. See contact information, add offline donations, edit, close and delete fundraisers.


Here you can send invitation to your supporters for creating a fundraising page, and see/track old invitations.


This is where you can find a donation. Edit the comment, name shown, anonymise it, refund it or re-send the donation receipt.


Here you can add new users and remove old one.

Export data

Here you can export data CSV files with data on fundraisers and donors.


Every month we will release a new report with data and numbers on the donations from the last month. Find these here.


Every month a new settlement report is release from Clearhaus. You can find these and download them here.


This is where you create API keys, setup webhooks and also debug any integration you have build.


Add you credit card, see previous charges, buy add-on services and see your subscriptions.


You can here edit your profile as it appears on BetterNow and other platforms, should you be visible there. It is also where you find various setting for all sites you have, this includes tracking, SO and cookies settings. 


This is where you fill out the basic account information. You can update your address information, legal contact email, set contact permission texts and other basic info. It is also here you can add information for KYC checks and see the agreement between us or sign any new updated agreements.