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How to add an Administrator/Accountant

If you are an administrator, you can add or remove another administrator or accountant. A good tip is to check your charity's users once in a while to make sure that the list is updated and to remove people who no longer need access.

Step by step guide

Start by clicking on "My Dashboard" in the right upper corner.

Click on "Users" on the left side menu. You now have an overview of all the administrators and accountants. 

To add a new user, just click on "Add a Charity Administrator" or "Add an Accountant", and add the email address of the user. If you wish to add a person as both administrator and accountant, make sure both boxes are ticked off.

Send the invitation by clicking "Add User" in the bottom. The user will then receive an email with an invitation which she/he needs to accept. If it takes too long the invitation link expires and you will have to add the person again.

To remove an existing administrator or accountant, just click on the red button "Remove..." next to the name of the person you would like to remove.

To read about the rights an administrator vs an accountant has, click here.



Role and rights

Administrators can view and edit all charity information including projects, view invoices, and add and remove charity users from the dashboard.

Accountants can view charity information, download invoices, and are notified when monthly reports are created.

Accountants cannot add charity users or edit projects.