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Donation refunds

If a donor needs a refund, you can manage this from your dashboard. 

To refund a donation, go to your dashboard, then go to donations section and find/search for the donation you want to refund. 

If it is possible to refund the donation there will be a button on the right side. If it isn't there, it will not be possible to refund it. This could be the case if the donation was handled by OnlineFundraising.dk, if is an old donation from our old payment infrastructure, or if it is an offline donation.

You can either choose to refund the full amount, or just part of the donation. This could be e.g. if a donor have donated 500€ my mistake instead of 50€. Here you can refund just 450€ and the donor don't have to go back and make a new donation. Note that after you partially refund a donation, you may want to resend the receipt - it will be sent with the new refunded amount.