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Re-sending donation receipts

If a donor can't find their donation receipt, then you can re-send it. 

To re-send the receipt, go to your dashboard, then go to donations section and find/search for the donation you want to re-send the receipt for. 


If it is possible to re-send the receipt there will be a button on the right side. If it isn't there, it will not be possible to re-send it. This could be the case if the donation was handled by OnlineFundraising.dk, it is an offline donation, or if the personal data of the donor have been deleted.


You will have the option to add your own email address as BCC. This way you will receive a copy of the receipt yourself. This can be helpful if the donor still can't find the receipt after it has been re-sent. You can also use this if the donor would like to receive the receipt on a different email address than was used for the donation.