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Content translation

 What can be translated

All BetterNow sites are available by default in the following languages: English, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish.

In the unlikely case that a translation is missing then the default language will be English.

All navigational text is translated and managed by BetterNow. Content created for project descriptions, suggested fundraiser descriptions and charity profiles can be translated by you.

You can translate the following fields

  • Project headlines
  • Project description
  • Default fundraiser description
  • Charity description
  • All landing page texts
  • Fundraiser titles
  • Fundraiser descriptions
  • Event title
  • Event descriptions
  • Team titles
  • Team descriptions

What if I don't translate my content?

If you don't want to put in the time to translate your content, you don't have to. 

If a user picks English as the language, but you have only provided text in spanish for example, the user will see the Spanish text.

If you have provided your text in two languages (e.g. Swedish and Spanish) but the user picks a third language (e.g. English), we will show the version that we believe is most relevant for the user.

How to translate your own content

You change the language in the upper right corner, and write the text you wish to be shown (see screenshot).

So if the language is set to EN in the upper menu bar, you will be editing the English text. If it is set to DA you will be editing the Danish version of the text.