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2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

What is 2FA?

2FA (second factor authentication) means that in addition to entering your password, you also have to enter a numerical code, which will be sent to you by one of following means:

  • SMS or phone call to your mobile.
  • The Authy App (available for desktop and mobile)

Note: Use a mobile phone number
Note: This number will only be used for 2FA codes, you can use any mobile phone number that you (and ONLY you) have regular and easy access to. 

We advise using an app for getting 2FA codes, and the Authy app is a brilliant choice.

Why are we using 2FA?

To further improve the security of our platform we have implemented Second Factor Authentication (2FA).

The extra security is not only to protect you as an organisation, but also to increase overall security when handling personal data.

By providing two means of identification (something you know - your password, and something you have - your mobile phone or desktop with the Authy app installed), your information is safer.

Setting up 2FA

The first time you are required to use 2FA, you will be asked to provide a mobile number to receive a code via SMS. This is only required for the initial setup - later you can choose another means of receiving numerical codes, e.g. the Authy App.

Not receiving your code?

Try asking for the code through one of the other means; click here for options.

Entered the wrong number?

Did you enter the wrong number when setting up 2FA? Contact our support: support@betternow.org

Has your mobile number changed?

Click here to change your mobile number with our service provider, Authy.

If you need more help, contact our support: support@betternow.org