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Notifications abut new and ended fundraisers

Administrators of organisations can choose to receive notification emails to get informed about the activity on the platform.

We currently send to type of notifications

  • New fundraiser created. A notification goes out about new fundraisers created (send out immediately, daily or weekly).
  • Fundraiser reached end date. A notification goes out when fundraisers reach their end date (daily or weekly).

You as a charity admin can also pick the frequency of the emails. Setting and editing these settings is done from the user profile.


The frequencies that can be chosen are following: 

  • Immediately
  • Daily 
  • Weekly
  • Never

Immediately: Immediately is for all you who always want to make an instant check that all fundraisers are within your ethics/values. An notification by email goes out just after any fundraiser is created.

Daily: An email with all new fundraisers from the last 24 hours is sent out daily. The daily are email for those who get 10 new fundraisers every day and don’t want 10 notifications per day.

Weekly: An email with all new fundraisers from the last 7 days is sent out once per week. The weekly notification email is for the people who just want a weekly recap of the activities, f.ex. for the Head of Fundraising.

Never: If you prefer not to receive any automatic notifications at all, you can choose not to never receive them.